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i was almost hit - while crossing the street, while having the right of way (pressing the walk button and everything) by a car turning left outside of our company complex. i work for an auto insurance company.

i'm curious to think that if i wasn't walking at my normal pace if i would have been hit, and if i would have either died or sustained an injury.

just what will it take for drivers to pay attention, especially when they have ample time and opportunity to do so?

will someone have to die?

how many people ALREADY HAVE?

Go Greener, Save Money, Meet People, Get Great Swag

With today's economy displaying more of a forward slump than the posture of your average emo poser, everyday people are finding themselves struggling to save money. From perusing the local farmer's market and haggling at supermarkets, to carpooling and perhaps getting rid of the car entirely, decisions are being made that most likely weren't comprehended pre-this-whole-damned-mess. 'This is the land of opportunity!' 'Give it to me now, fast, and cheap!' On the whole I suppose the sentiment remains, but cheap? Really?

A year ago, the thought of buying a bicycle from a friend for fifty bucks would never have entered my mind, but with the prices of gas reaching a pre-cursory high, it was time to make a change. Today, not only is my body a little tighter and my mind more fulfilled with self, but my savings account is reaping the benefits of monthly deposits. A first! I haven't missed exorbitant car notes or insurance statements for a second.

Today is Metro's Bike to Work Day, sponsored by many good folks who have set up pit stops at various Metro stations around LA County, providing snacks, water, and bike necessities (read: reflectors and tire levers) to bicyclists. Some bus lines are even providing free rides! Unfortunately, Bike to Work Week ends Friday, May 16th, but the LA Bike Coalition (one of Bike to Work Day's partners) is helming the Los Angeles River Ride on Sunday, June 8th. With five different rides to choose from - ranging from a 10-mile family ride to a century ride - and an opportunity to win a bike from REI, how can one not register?

Besides, I really don't think we need to attend an encore screening of "An Inconvenient Truth" to understand what one less car on the road can do in the way of air pollution, traffic congestion, and hopefully, eventual repair of global climate. This one less car might not make an impression on the minds of many, but it's definitely worth a thought in the mind of an individual. . . so think about it!

Register for the Los Angeles River Ride at ACTIVE.com, or call (213) 629-2142.